Our Mission

M/S ABREAST ENGINEERING COMPANY highly values our clients’ needs for safe, reliable, and operationally efficient designs through cost-effective engineering and construction management services in a responsive, dynamic, and efficient way. Our Principals have built their careers understanding this truth and developed confidence and trusted, long-lasting relationships within the industry by conducting our business with integrity, honesty, and hard work.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide responsive, safe, and trusted solutions to our clients with the highest-quality, most dependable, cost-effective engineering, design and construction management services in the energy industry.

Our Vision

Our vision for M/S ABREAST ENGINEERING COMPANY embodies who we are, individually and as a company, and reflects our core values and the path we follow in pursuit of providing our clients with unmatched performance, unparalleled accountability, and the highest-level of satisfaction in the industry.

Our Vision for M/S Abreast Engineering Company

To build trusted relationships and serve our clients through integrity, honesty, hard work and accountability in a collaborative, solution-oriented environment focused on providing the right solution instead of the easy solution, in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.


M/S ABREAST ENGINEERING COMPANY values are the cornerstone of how we do business and the basis for our guiding principles and the culture of the company. They set the benchmark for minimum expectations and are the driving force behind our clear communication, superior performance, and professional integrity
  • # Integrity
  • # Accountability
  • # Reliability
  • # Efficiency
  • # Quality
  • # Safety
  • # Innovation
  • # Collaboration
  • # Customizable Solutions